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Slip, trip, and fall accidents and product failures are common daily occurrences.  Your case will depend on having the right forensic consultant to determine what happened and why.  ProNet Group's team of on-staff forensic consultants have extensive experience in conducting field inspections and research to obtain objective analysis and clear conclusions.

Premise Liability

An employee is found injured by slipping on what appears to be a leak in the office. A customer at a big box store trips over a an item in the shopping aisle.  A hotel guest falls down a stairwell that appears to not being compliant with the building code . There are many qustions on why such an accident occurred, and various factors that can lead to an adverse accident. Our forensic engineering experts investigate and evaluate accidents such as slip, trip, and falls to provide certainty to your case.


Product Liability

You operate under the assumption that your product is reasonably safe except when the latest model of a new phone explodes, a crane collapses, or an electrical outlet explodes. At ProNet, we investigate industrial, commercial, and consumer products that should give you the confidence of safe usage. ProNet’s licensed electrical, mechanical, structural, and automotive engineers and experts discover the facts on accountability when these products become defective.

  • Electrical

    • Computer components

    • Electrical fixtures

    • TV and AV items

    • Household kitchen appliances

    • Lighting

    • Electric or rechargeable toys

    • HVAC boilers, fans, heaters

  • Mechanical

    • Vehicles, boats, golf carts, ATV’s

    • Plumbing fixtures

    • Battery packs

    • Lawnmowers

    • Bar-B-Que grills (propane, electric, charcoal)

  • Structural

    • Roof collapse

    • Patio Decking

    • Foundation and Building envelope

    • Slip, Trip, and falls

    • Stairways, ramps, and walkways

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