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ProNet Group’s team of industrial forensic experts present a full scope of crucial industrial processes and issues providing a concise understanding of what happened and why.


With extensive and proven experience in the area of compliance and safety standards, we evaluate losses according to industry standards.


Our experts perform evaluations of industrial accident analysis, investigate process issues in component design, identify root causes of product defects, and are equipped with substantial adeptness, offering our clients with definitive answers.

ProNet specializes in forensic industrial engineering investigations and research on issues involving:



  • Refineries and chemical processing plants

  • Coal and gas power plants

  • Food manufacturing and storage facilities

  • Fabrication and Manufacturing facilities

  • Foundry and forging facilities

  • Gas and petroleum pipelines and pumping/compressor stations

  • Shipyards

  • Dock facilities

  • Wastewater treatment plants

Forensic investigations and consulting services

  • Structural failures

  • Ammonia refrigerant releases

  • Rigging and crane accidents

  • Lifting equipment accidents

  • Catastrophic equipment failures including pressure vessels and compressors

  • High voltage electrical switchgears

  • Fire / Explosion Origin & Cause

  • HSE incidents

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