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A boiler explodes. A sprinkler head fails. A main water line bursts. A tool making machine malfunctions causing injuries to a worker. Industrial facilities can be dangerous places. Massive machinery, hazardous materials and difficult conditions sometimes lead to unfortunate accidents.

HVAC systems and appliances fail every day in residences, condos, and commercial buildings. A toilet supply line breaks causing water damage to a residence. Was there a manufacturing defect? Was it installed or serviced correctly?

At ProNet Group, we have the knowledge and experience to thoroughly evaluate a wide variety of mechanical systems to reconstruct the incident and determine the root cause of a component failure, as well as the remedial actions necessary to repair the system problems and return the system environment to design operating conditions.

ProNet specializes in forensic expert evaluations and research on issues involving:

  • Building Mechanical Systems (HVAC, Refrigeration, Plumbing and Fire Protection) for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Facilities

  • Refrigeration / Food Processing / Cold Storage Facility failures

  • Construction defects including building code compliance

  • Operational defects

  • Equipment failure

  • Design defects

  • Product Liability analysis

  • Consumer products

  • Commercial and industrial machinery

  • Boilers, Pumps, Centrifuges

  • Damage Assessment, Loss Mitigation and Business Interruption Determination

  • Subrogation

  • Expert Testimony

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