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Civil engineering projects are extensive and complex, including storm water and flood control management systems, land development, site planning and subdivision design, septic systems, sewers, drainage, grading and pavement, as well as roads, highways, bridges, and much more.


ProNet’s team of on-staff civil and construction engineering experts analyze and identify the cause of the incident for failures such as drainage design deficiencies, grading and pavement undermining and erosion, parking lot design and ADA compliance, construction delays, and construction related vibration damage to nearby structures.


ProNet experts inspect, analyze and provide comparison studies of the engineer of record’s design plans versus the construction as-built plans, as well as review and provide cost estimates, construction scheduling, and Critical Path Method (CPM) to complete the project.

ProNet specializes in evaluations and research on issues involving:

  • Construction Defects

  • Surety Consulting / Critical Path Method Analysis (CPM)

  • Site Grading and Drainage Analysis and Investigations

  • Foundations

  • Roads and Bridges

  • Construction Evaluation and Repair Recommendations

  • Code Compliance

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