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Photo of commercial glass building from ground level


The ProNet Group

Since 1990, ProNet Group has been providing the answers our clients request - what happened and why?

It's a fact of life we'd all like to avoid - but can't: An auto collision, a building fire, a construction site disaster; an explosion of a gas pipeline; a leaking roof; a natural disaster destroying homes and business.

One minute, everything is fine. The next, there's tragedy and confusion, an insurance claim or dispute has been filed - and answers are needed.

Since our founding, ProNet has earned a strong reputation for professional integrity, investigative excellence, and technical strength.

ProNet's full-time staff of multi-disciplined forensic engineers and experts provides the experience and skills that you can rely on - from the initial inspection to providing expert testimony in the court of law.

Areas of expertise include: Cyber & Digital Forensics, Structural and Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Marine/Naval Engineering, Vehicle Forensics, and Fire Origin & Cause investigations.

We pride ourselves on getting the answers right the first time, responding to our clients requests immediately, and completing our reports in a timely fashion.

When you need answers… when you need unbiased, scientific, accurate, timely answers to the question "what happened," call on ProNet and its skilled team of professionals. We bring clarity and understanding to the uncertainty and confusion.

Submit an assignment and experience the ProNet difference today!

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