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ProNet Group's marine division includes structural and naval architectural licensed experts with extensive experience in forensic investigations related to the offshore oil and gas, maritime, and shipbuilding industries. 


Types of vessels and facilities:


  • Merchant marine - oil tankers, bulk carriers, chemical tankers

  • Passenger vessels - luxury yachts, ferries, cruise ships, Ro/Ro vessels

  • Barges - ocean going, inland marine, push boats

  • Tugs, coastal vessels, and other support vessels

  • Yachts - power boats, sailboats, coastal, offshore


  • Condition assessments

  • Rigging failures & crane accidents

  • Dry docking accidents (floating and graving docks)

  • Mooring failures

Offshore Oil & Gas

  • Floating production facilities - semisubmersibles, FPSOs, TLPs

  • Drilling facilities - jack-ups, semisubmersibles, drillships, tender assist rigs

  • Fixed jacket facilities - traditional fixed jackets, gravity-based structures, compliant towers

  • Heavy lift vessels - semisubmersible and ship-shaped vessels

  • Support vessels - PSVs, OSVs, diving support vessels

Forensic engineering disciplines and consulting services

Systems & Disciplines

  • Hull structural failures

  • Marine system failures

  • Hull stability failures

  • Process facility & drilling facility failures

  • Sea fastening failures

Condition Assessments

  • Pre-purchase, new build, insurance inspections

  • Hull and marine systems for steel and aluminum vessels

  • Damage assessments from groundings, collisions, etc.

  • Engine & motor assessments

  • Fire / Explosion Origin & Cause

    • Ships, vessels, cargo, property

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