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Lori Cox joins firm as Senior
Structural Engineer

Lexington, KY (October 23, 2023)


Ms. Lori Cox, P.E., has over 20 years of structural and civil engineering experience and is a registered Professional Engineer in 34 states. Ms. Cox has engineering consulting experience in various industries including residential, commercial, municipal, industrial, roadways, agricultural and manufacturing, as well as premises liability including slips, trips and falls, code compliance and construction liability.  She has extensive experience testifying in federal and state superior courts.


Ms. Cox has been actively involved in forensics since 2001. Over her career, Ms.  Cox has performed thousands of engineering investigations and evaluations of buildings and structures for various conditions and forms of damage, including code compliance, construction defects, premises liability, risk assessment, structural failure analysis, catastrophe/storm and blasting/explosion damages, and differential foundation movement. Additionally, she has civil engineering experience with roadway design and construction, paving operations, and construction vibration damage analysis.

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