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Senior Investigator Laura Cygan Joins Southern California Fire/Explosion Team

Irvine, CA (March 11, 2024) - 

ProNet Group is pleased to announce that Mrs. Laura Cygan, CCAI-CFI, Master CFI, has joined the firm as Senior Fire Investigator.  Mrs. Cygan has forty-two (42) years of experience as a fire investigator, specializing in all aspects of commercial and residential buildings, vehicles, and wildland fires.  She has been the principal investigator of over 3,800 fire/explosion origin and cause investigations and has peer reviewed countless reports from other fire investigators.


Mrs. Cygan has over 2,800 hours of advanced training in fire investigations, fire behavior, burn pattern analysis, identification of accelerants, law enforcement, and related fields.  She has a broad technical overview of fire prevention codes, ordinances and inspection practices and expertise with key hazards such as flammable and combustible liquids, gases, explosives, fireworks, and fire extinguishing systems.  Mrs. Cygan has knowledge of California codes, ordinances and the statutes that pertain to fire prevention practices including building construction, occupancy, evacuation procedures, inspection reports and processing plans.


Mrs. Cygan has testified as an expert in Fire Origin and Cause for civil and criminal proceedings at the California municipal and superior court systems, as well as the United Stated States District Court.  Additionally, she has been an instructor and guest lecturer for insurance companies, schools, fire and police departments, service clubs, and various companies and corporations.

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