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Areas of expertise include structural engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, building and NEC code evaluations, repair recommendations




An EF-2 tornado with peak winds near 120mph and a damage path of nearly 5 miles long and 600 yards wide, caused property damage to over 150 homes, and numerous multifamily housing and commercial buildings.  ProNet Group was retained to inspect a condominium complex that sustained extensive damage, and deployed a multi-disciplined team consisting of structural, electrical, and mechanical engineers.


Structural Engineering - ProNet conducted a complete structural damage assessment of the complex consisting of roofing, framing, building envelope, and components, oversee structural safety protocols, and advise on areas that should be repaired or replaced, with a specification on scope for repairs.


Electrical Engineering – Multiple HVAC condensing units were displaced by the tornado.  Additionally, multiple roofs and building walls were displaced causing significant damage to electrical wires.  ProNet evaluated the complex’s complete electrical system, power distribution and HVAC system.  ProNet prepared an electrical repair summary and worked closely with an electrical contractor to monitor NEC codes and safety standards.


Mechanical Engineering – ProNet assessed the condition and damage to the boilers and natural gas lines throughout the entire complex, and provide oversight on mechanical repairs and upgrades to current building codes of the buildings constructed in the 1960’s and 1970’s.


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Over the course of nearly six months, ProNet’s team of engineers inspected and assessed the widespread damage to the condominium complex, and oversaw reconstruction efforts.


Structural - Prepared a scope of work and coordinated with the general contractor for the reconstruction efforts (external wall panels, roof cladding, extent of insulation replacement), including the applicable specifications and drawings.  ProNet also worked with local building officials to ensure reconstruction efforts met local building codes, and conducted numerous “town hall” meetings with the Homeowners Association to communicate the on-going reconstruction efforts.


Electrical and Mechanical – Reviewed and advised our client and the general contractor on appropriate repair plans to the MEP infrastructure and conducted inspections to verify repairs were completed in accordance with applicable codes and safety protocols.

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