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Natural Gas Line Rupture Required Structural Property Damage Evaluation of Neighborhood Homes

Areas of expertise include structural engineering, forensics, and subrogation.


A natural gas line ruptured near a residential neighborhood. The owner of the gas line was potentially liable for property damage sustained by neighborhood homes. ProNet Group was retained to evaluate dozens of residential homes to determine if any foundation and/or structural property damage sustained was caused by the explosion.

Additional Information

Some of the damage claimed by various residents included:

  • Cracks in foundation and bricks

  • Various exterior and interior cracks

  • Dislodged purloins and beams

  • Flooring damage

  • Roofing damage

  • Broken glass

  • Sand and soil covering primary structure

  • Other property items.


ProNet’s team was able to determine what damage was legitimately caused by the explosion, and what damage was due to various other causes.

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