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In Tierra Verde, Florida, a tenant slipped on a wooden patio deck at a residential beach property. An engineer from ProNet was brought in by the adjuster to test the friction measurements of the wooden deck, as well as assess building codes to determine whether the property was compliant and evaluate if there was negligence.


Structural/Civil Engineering – ProNet Group attended the site together with the insurance claim adjuster. During the visit, ProNet’s engineer observed that the wooden deck patio had multiple wooden handrails and steps. There are two (2) types of painted wood surfaces referred to as light and dark red. The dark red painted surface was the original surface at the time of the reported incident. The light red painted surface was applied after the reported incident. ProNet’s engineer collected measurements of both panels of painted wood using the Bot 3000E from Regan Scientific Instruments (also known as a Tribometer); once with the wood panel dry & a second time wet with pool water applied to the wood to compare the friction at the time of the incident.


ProNet’s engineer found that all of the painted wood surfaces fall within a 0.55 to 0.65 friction coefficient. The engineer was then able to determine that the wooden deck coefficient of friction is 0.55 when wet, which is above the minimum 0.50 COF OSHA acceptable standard for pedestrian walkways.  Additionally, the wooden deck patio and construction conform to Section 1010.7 of the International Building Code.

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