DENVER, CO (April 15, 2019) – ProNet Group, a leader in forensic engineering and consulting services to the insurance, legal, construction, and corporate risk management industries since 1990, announces that Siegfried Klein has joined the firm as Fire/Explosion O&C Investigator.  Mr. Klein will be providing ProNet’s fire/explosion investigation services throughout Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.


Mr. Klein has over twenty-three (23) years of experience in leading and managing the investigation of large loss fire scenes.  He has personally conducted and supervised over 1,800 fire origin and cause investigations, and peer reviewed over 1,000 fire origin and cause investigations. He has successfully qualified as an expert in fire as well as explosion origin and cause multiple times in numerous district courts located in Colorado.


Mr. Klein’s professional experience includes fire and explosion investigations in governmental, commercial and residential structures, marine vessels, automobiles, and heavy equipment.  Additionally, he is a published author on Butane Hash Oil as well as a nationally recognized speaker on the topic, and was an initial draft committee member for Colorado HB 15-1305 concerning a prohibition on manufacturing marijuana concentrate in an unregulated environment.