TEXAS – KR Davis hired as
Senior Electrical Engineer

DALLAS, TX (January 4, 2022) - Mr. Kevin “KR” Davis, P.E., CFEI, CVFI, has more than thirty-five (35) years of consulting engineering experience including forensic investigations, electrical fire origin and causation analysis, product failures, major equipment failure investigations and condition assessments.  He has an extensive expertise in determining root cause analysis with twelve (12) years of direct forensic engineering experience, including certified in fire and explosion investigation of structures, vehicles, and marine vessels.


Mr. Davis is able to draw upon more than twenty (20) years of product development engineering skills honed by real-life experiences throughout the entire product lifecycle (design-launch-post production).  He has represented both plaintiff and defense in more than 300+ cases providing expert testimony, engineering reports, and handling of evidence.  He has managed both technical and non-technical work groups and is experienced in interpreting and applying regulatory requirements vs. design guidelines/best practices.

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