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Brady Beall Joins Structural
Engineering Team


GOLDEN, CO (June 1, 2022)

Brady Beall, P.E., has over twenty-five (25) years of professional engineering experience.  He has conducted structural engineering design and failure analysis, and construction services with an emphasis on new and existing low and mid-rise commercial, industrial, military, and residential structures comprised of varying materials.


Mr. Beall is an experienced forensic engineer performing evaluations of hail/wind and tornado damaged structures, as well as foundation movement and fire damaged and vehicle impacted structural damage assessments.  He has over five (5) years of experience in engineering design of residential, commercial, industrial and government projects.  He has conducted structural design of rafters, headers, beams, joists, and columns of lumber, engineered wood, timber, glulam, logs, steel, masonry, and reinforced concrete including foundation walls, retaining walls, pads, footings, and pilings/piers.


Additionally, Mr. Beall has over twenty-six (26) years of military engineering experience with the US Army, serving in many various positions such as Lieutenant Colonel, Battalion Commander, HQ Detachment Commander, Project Engineer, Support Operations Engineer, and Chief Operations Officer.  He led a number of dynamic roles across varying geographical locations, including deployments to the Middle Eastern theater of operations. 

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